Vendor Management

We are happy to announce that we are joining Bestie Furniture

Now we are acquiring sourcing company who experienced in vendor development as vendor management. They are “Pandu Sourcing Company” leading sustainable furniture sourcing in Indonesia


We are very enthusiastic, it will be absolutely suitable for our customer especially retail customers who want to lead the market by keep updated with the design and even they can make their own trending model’ (Pandu Sourcing company Founder, 2022)


Now we manage hundreds credible and selected supplier in Java which have ability to support various product in Global market. We have professional team who working at 6 main cities in produce furniture at Java Island which are being center area for furnishing producer in Indonesia with each unique and characteristic product

We focus on our purpose to deliver our valuable artisan promote their competitive products as known Indonesian furniture industry has shown its competitiveness in global market with its unique and competitive products. We really concern about our biggest asset and long story Indonesian talented craftsman

Our Team

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